Steve's Miniature Sparkplugs

Home of the worlds smallest production sparkplug

Steve's Miniature Sparkplugs is a very small business dedicated to building quality sparkplugs for the model engineering community. All our plugs are hand made in small batches. Every sparkplug is made using steel bases, Corian for the insulator, and brass for the cap. These materials are widely used by model engineers for the making of sparkplugs. They give a good quality and long lasting alternative to production ceramic plugs.

1/4-32 Side fireThe original "Legacy" sparkplugs made by Dale Detrich. They are just over 1-1/8 inches tall with a 5/16 Hex.$12USD130 Available Now
1/4-32 TapMade by Butterfield in the USA. HSG GH3 NEF Taper$10USD3 Available Now
1/4-32 TapMade by Greenfield in the USA. GTD HS NEF GH3 K8 Plug$10USD30 Available Now
#10-40#10 plug with a conventional ground electrode. They are 1 inch tall with a 1/4 inch hex.$15USD51 Available Now
#10 BootBoot for #10 Spark plugs$5USD37 Available Now
#8-40#8 plug with a conventional ground electrode. They are 15/16 tall with a 7/32 Hex.$15USD132 Available Now
#8-40 Side FireThe original "Legacy" sparkplugs made by Dale Detrich. They are about 7/8 inch tall with a 7/32 Hex. When these are gone, there gone.$15USD26 Available Now
#8 BootBoot for both #8 spark plugs$5USD22 Available Now
#6-56#6 plug with a conventional ground electrode. This is the smallest production plug in the world. They are only about 11/16 tall with a 3/16 hex.$25USD16 Available Now
#6 BootBoot for #6 spark plugs$5USD16 Available Now
#6-56 TapMade by OSG in Japan. High speed steel with a ground thread. GH2 CPMT15 Spiral point Plug$20USD7 Available Now
Little Demon engine gasketsEngine gasket set for the Little Demon V8 Contains everything except head gaskets$10USD32 Available Now
Little Demon head gasketsHead gaskets for the Little Demon V8$5USD32 Available Now
Little Demon blower gaskets Blower Gaskets for the Little Demon V8. Contains blower gaskets and gaskets for the second carb.$10USD41 Available Now

For information or to purchase sparkplugs email [email protected] If you send a list of what you want and a shipping address I will get back to you with a total price. I take PayPal or you can send a check or money order for payment.


All our plugs are packed in a foam lined plastic box for protection then inserted into a bubble lined envelope for further protection. They are then inserted into an addressed envelope for shipping. I don't want to make money on shipping I just want to cover the cost of the packing material.